Course List for HESS 2022

Find out courses to be open for HESS 2022 as below!
You can check syllabus by clicking course name :)

✓ Core Course
Session Field Course Name
1 Business & Economics International Marketing
1 Cultural Contents Past and Future of K-POP
1 Cultural Contents Korean Wave and Korean Culture (in Chinese)
1 Engineering Computational Civilization and Artificial Intelligence
1 Engineering Building Equipment and System Design
1 Dance Contemporary Dance & K-pop
1 Dance Choreography Practices *2 credits
1 Korean Studies Korean Language and Culture Ⅰ (Basic)
1 Korean Studies Korean Language and Culture Ⅱ (Intermediate)
2 Business & Economics Korean Economy
2 Communication International Communication
2 Cultural Contents Media Industry in Korea
2 Engineering Robot and Artificial Intelligence
2 Engineering Introduction to Computer Science
2 Dance Contemporary Dance & K-pop
2 Dance Choreography Practices *2 credits
2 Korean Studies Korean Language and Culture Ⅰ (Basic)
2 Korean Studies Korean Language and Culture Ⅱ (Intermediate)
*Syllabus of courses in black is not ready yet :)

✓ You may also choose to take Elective courses during HESS 2022!
Session Field Course Name
1, 2 Arts & Sport K-Beauty & Make-up
K-Pop Dance
K-Pop Vocal Training